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The original Romanesque church in Gordes was dedicated to Notre Dame. Rebuilt in the 1704, it was then dedicated for to its patron, St Firmin (former Bishop of Uzès). The St Eloi chapel is dedicated to blacksmiths and locksmiths and that of St Crespin to the cobblers.

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        St Firmin’s church  (above, left and below)

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Sénanque Abbey is situated in a valley a few kilometres north of Gordes. The abbey was founded in 1148 and and belongs to the Cistercian community of the Immaculate Conception. A community of five Cistercian monks still lives here. The monks produce honey and cultivate lavender. The entire 12th century building is open for visits on certain days of the week. The upkeep and maintenance of the building is covered by the entry fee and sale of products. A valley of lavender fields stretches out from the abbey buildings  (left and below)

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After a steep climb out of the valley our journey takes the
high road back to Gordes and then to Coustellet  (above)

A visit visit to the Lavender Museum at Coustellet starts on the next page.
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