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During the Hundred Years War bands of brigands devastated Provence. François of Provence elected to reinforce the defences of this, his only seaport The fort with its high walls and square towers enclosed a chateau, more than thirty dwellings, shops and a church. Much of the work was done after 1372 and completed in 1381.

In the 15th century there were 50 houses and 250 inhabitants within the enclosure. In 1426 Louis II, Count de Provence gained control of the castle and the borough of Cassis. In 1524, the imperialists took the castle by storm. They killed the men, violated the women, plundered houses and destroyed the ramparts.

By the the end of the 16th century the last inhabitants left the castle and, in the 17th century it was inhabited by several nuns and a few soldiers.

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At the end of the 17th century the Count of Grignan installed new guns and reinforced the defences.

On February 10, 1794, the young General Bonaparte inspected the batteries. These same batteries. were destroyd by Englis 'comandos' on 17 April 1813.

During the 19th Century the castle's defensive role appeared less important and the administrators put the castle up for sale. The first buyer in 1896 was a tobacconist from St Cyr (Var). The property has been privately owned ever since and is now an exclusive hotel.

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Entrance to the harbour at Cassis.   (left and below)

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    Quayside sailing class   (right)  

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