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No matter what route one may take to Bonnieux, you will see the church tower well before you arrive. At a height of 425 metres above the plain, the tower dominates the countryside and the environs of the town. Access to the old church is via eighty six steps going up from the upper part of the village. At the top there is a spectacular view though the shady tall pine trees and magnificent centuries-old cedars.

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Old belfry on the old Hotel de Ville   (right)

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The Hotel de Ville  (left)

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Some superb residences dating back to the 16th, 17th, and 18th century may be fowund lining the steep and narrow streets of the town. They serve as a reminder that Bonnieux was a wealthy place when this region, the Comtat Venaissin, belonged to the Popes. During those times several bishops chose to live here.  (right and below)

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A Bonnieux shop filled with local delicacies  (right)

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On leaving Bonnieux on a lower road we pass the town on our way to Gordes  (left)

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