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Saint Saviour's cathedral (Cathédrale Saint Sauveur), which dates from the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, is situated in this portion of Aix. The façade contains a rich portal in the Gothic style with elaborately carved doors, and is flanked on the north by an uncompleted tower. The interior contains tapestry from the 16th century, other works of art and a baptism pool from the fourth century.

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Modern sculptures and decoration in the sanctuary  (left and above)

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The following edited description of the organ in Aix Cathedral is taken, with acknowledgement, from the OrganART Media website:

The organ was built in 1854 by Alexandre Ducroquet. He built the organ on the Gospel side in the case constructed by Isnard, the famous organ builder of St. Maximin. Cavaillé-Coll did tonal adaptions and restorations in 1880 and added or replaced some stops.

The pedal compass was enlarged by Merklin in 1915, who also replaced some stops. The restoration committee of 1972 had the difficult task to decide to which organ they should revert, either the original Ducroquet or the modified Ducroquet-Cavaillé-Coll, but eventually decided on the latter.

The restoration and reconstruction by organ builder J. Dunand started in 1973. An inauguration concert took place on 19 March 1975, performed by Marie-Madeleine Duruflé and Maurice Gay. A later restoration took place in 2002.

The Ducroquet-Cavaillé-Coll is a transitional romantic-symphonic instrument of very high quality and has been classified as an historical monument.  (right and below)

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Triptych in the nave illustrating Christ's passion - the famous 'Burning Bush' triptych was not available for viewing  (right)

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